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Kennel for elite German shepherds

Experience and attitude

The German Shepherd is a breed that requires a lot of time, patience and professional attitude. In the years of breeding at the Von Kostinbrod Kennel, we have put a lot of work and time into achieving these goals. We are all about quality, not quantity.


Ideal hygiene and disinfection of the premises, timely deworming of animals, the placement of the necessary vaccines, and most importantly – a lot of movement and love to achieve excellence and results. Pedigrees from elite kennels and good anatomy are important.


High criteria have been set for the production of dogs with excellent qualities, competitive with those bred in Germany.
Our animals have won over 30 prizes in local and international competitions presided over by world-class German judges.

Kennel Von Kostinbrod has been professionally engaged in breeding elite German shepherd dogs since 1983.

He has been a member of the Bulgarian Association for German Shepherd Dogs /BOGOK/ since 1993.

Our Values

ethical breeding practices, animal welfare, and responsible pet ownership.

Our Mission

producing healthy and well-socialized puppies and preserving the breed’s heritage.


selecting breeding pairs, genetic testing protocols, puppy socialization and training.


high-quality dog food, stimulation toys and vaccinations.

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